Patient Stories

Doug & Diana Gray

In April 2008, Diana Gray was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her husband, Doug,  immediately began reading everything he could find about her type of ovarian cancer. He kept seeing Dr. David Huntsman’s name, so he looked up all the articles written by the BC Cancer Agency researchers. He was especially impressed by their passion and commitment. It was humbling and highly motivating... read more >


Debora De Napoli

Debora lost her mother, who was also her best friend, to high-grade serous carcinoma—the most common form of ovarian cancer, which is associated with the genetically inherited BRCA gene. Debora’s mother was not the only family member diagnosed with ovarian cancer; her cousin Mary was also diagnosed around the same time. Knowing that their family had an increased chance...   read more >


Cammi MacKinlay

“I feel very lucky I am here,” shares Cammi MacKinlay, who has been in remission for 5 years. Cammi was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2006 after experiencing symptoms for over a year. She had been feeling extremely bloated and had developed eczema all over her arms and legs. She was sent to various professionals and told that her gastric problems were not worrisome...  read more >


Diane Johansen

As an ovarian cancer survivor and woman who has lost her husband to Leukemia, Diane Johansen is willing to do whatever it takes to create awareness and raise funds for cancer research.

Prior to being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Diane had undergone two knee replacements enabling her to live an active life...  read more >    


Nirit Rozenberg

When Nirit was 9 years old, her parents sat her and her siblings down and said they had a surprise to tell them. Nirit thought for sure she was getting the dog she had always wanted or going on a trip to Disneyland. Unfortunately though, her parents’ choice of wording was not exactly thought out. They told them that this “surprise” was that her mother, Lynn, had been diagnosed...  read more >