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In September 2010, OVCARE's clinical care team at Vancouver General Hospital and the BC Cancer Agency launched the world's first ovarian cancer prevention program - the goal being to reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer by 40% over the next 20 years.  

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Overview and Summary by Dr. Sarah Finlayson
“When we began to realize that Ovarian Cancer actually starts in the fallopian tube the light went on…if we take out the fallopian tube we could prevent this cancer.  Nothing before had offered this kind of promise,” explains Dr. Sarah Finlayson who led the education outreach program and is a gynecologic oncologist in OVCARE.
The Fallopian Tube Theory by Dr. Dianne Miller
“The discovery that the majority of high grade serous tumours, the most deadly form of ovarian cancer, actually arise in the fallopian tube was a eureka moment for us,” says Dr. Dianne Miller, Chair of the Provincial Gynecology Tumour Group of BC. “This told us we can have an immediate impact on saving lives by removing the fallopian tube during routine surgeries.”
Fallopian Tube Surgery
“Ovarian Cancer” by Dr. Ken Swenerton
“Most high-grade serous ovarian tumours respond well to initial treatment with chemotherapy, but cure is infrequent. This makes imperative efforts to identify effective preventative tactics,” describes Dr. Ken Swenerton, OVCARE medical oncologist and Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia.
Genetic Screening & Pathology by Dr. Blake Gilks
The OVCARE team found one in five serous cancer tumours occur because of a germline BRCA genetic mutation. “What this means is that in 20 per cent of cases, we are discovering the index case,” says Dr. Blake Gilks, Pathologist and Professor at the University of British Columbia. “A woman may have no prior history of ovarian cancer in her family, but we now know that her children and their children could be at risk, and we have the ability to screen them genetically and act proactively.”
Fallopian Tube Animation