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Kudos to Pamela Fayerman for capturing the prestigious Jack Webster Award for her series on "Fallopian Tube Removal for Ovarian Cancer Prevention: a BC Innovation"

October 31, 2013 - BC journalists were honoured as winners took home the 2013 Jack Webster Awards for excellence in journalism

Pamela Fayerman, Vancouver Sun Reporter, wins the prestigious Jack Webster Award for Science, Technology Health & Environment for her series on a new surgical paradigm for ovarian cancer prevention led by B.C.'s ovarian cancer research team, OVCARE.

Two and a half years after the launch of OVCARE's ovarian cancer prevention campaign, Pamela Fayerman traveled to cities around North America interviewing experts about the way OVCARE clinicians conducted Knowledge Transfer on the proposed change in surgical paradigm to decrease the incidence of ovarian cancer in the province of British Columbia.  Earlier this year, she discussed the triumphs and controversies in a two-day series in the Vancouver Sun and followed up with a report on the findings of an international study supporting B.C.'s policy on ovarian cancer prevention (links to news stories below).

Congratulations from the OVCARE team to Pamela on this tremendous achievement!

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